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2 Euro Commemorative Common Coins

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2 Euro Common commemorative coinsSome weeks ago we were giving out all the information about the new 2 euro commemorative coins that were already circulating. Among them there is a coin commonly issued by all countries dedicated to the centenary of the independence of the baltic republics: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. And in line with this common commemorative coin, this week we want to make a review of all the common commemorative coins that have been minted since the beginning of the Euro.

High prices for these two commemorative Spanish coins. Madness or investment?

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Spanish coins 2018A few weeks ago we wrote about the new commemorative coins that Spain issued into circulation this 2018: One coin is dedicated to the 50th birthday of King Philip VI and the other coin is part of the series dedicated to commemorate the Unesco heritage. In this case is dedicated to the Old Town of Santiago de Compostela. This week we talk again about these coins and the madness around them.

Commemorative Coins February 2018

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First 2 euro commemorative coins 2018Last year we dedicated few posts to bring you information about the 2 commemorative 2017 Euro coins: part I, part II and part III. This year 2018 we didn’t wanna wait. Here we bring you the information of the first commemorative coins that are already in circulation. The countries are: Austria, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Spain. These countries have their 2 Euro 2018 commemorative are already available to purchase, here you have all the information.

The coins that circulate all over a ninth of the earth: bimetallic Roubles

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Bimetalic Roubles

On other occasions we have dedicated posts to talk about the coins of a particular country: Poland, Malta, Finland, Germany or Singapore. This week we bring you a much desired collection of coins for their beautiful and detailed designs, the bimetallic coins of 10 Rubles.

Among the collector coins that Russia has been minting in recent years, we would like to give a special mention to the bimetallic coins dedicated to the territories in the country.

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