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Plastic Polymer Coins: Germany 5 Euros

By rcintas on the

German 5 Euros Climate zonesA few weeks ago we brought you some of the most expensive commemorative two euro coins and its low cost version. This week we are going to focus on some very innovative coins that are causing great interest in collectors from all over the world: the new German series of 5 Euro coins dedicated to the climatic zones. And as a novelty, are the first commemorative Euro coins that include a translucent plastic polymer in its minting process.

The Most Expensive 2 Euro Coins and Their Low-Cost Version

By spyke on the

list of the 2 euro most expensive coins and their low cost versionSome weeks ago we were telling you here how the low numbers on the mint of the new 2 euro coins from Spain that commemorate the 50th birthday of the King Felipe and the one of the inclusion of Santiago de Compostela in the UNESCO World Heritage list made them to achieve high prices and might make them hard to obtain in the future. This week we bring you a new curiosity, a list of some of the most expensive 2 euro coins along with their similar low-cost version. With low-cost version we mean those that can be purchased at a much lower price just because they are from a different year or a different mint, keeping the same design as the expensive version.

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