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Investment coins: gold ounce

By rcintas on the

Along the first quarter of 2020 we are experiencing a strong upward tendency on the price of gold. The investors are putting their confidence in the yellow metal in detriment of other more traditional investment markets as the stock market or bonds.

In order to invest in gold, we have different options. Maybe one of the most known options is  bullion coins

Plastic Polymer Coins: Germany 5 Euros

By rcintas on the

German 5 Euros Climate zonesA few weeks ago we brought you some of the most expensive commemorative two euro coins and its low cost version. This week we are going to focus on some very innovative coins that are causing great interest in collectors from all over the world: the new German series of 5 Euro coins dedicated to the climatic zones. And as a novelty, are the first commemorative Euro coins that include a translucent plastic polymer in its minting process.

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