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New Common Commemorative Coin: Centenary of the Baltic Republics

By rcintas on the

These last weeks we have brought you a guide with all commemorative coins of 2 Euros minted throughout this 2017. You can find all the information here: first part, second part and third part. This week we have decided to continue with commemorative coins of 2 Euros, but instead of bringing coins already in circulation we advance the design of one of the ones that will be issued next 2018.

Previously, we brought you other common commemorative coins: the 30th anniversary of the European flag, the tenth anniversary of the circulation of the euro, the tenth anniversary of the economic and monetary union or the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

This time the commemorative coin will not be common for all the member countries of the union, only the Baltic republics have decided to mint a common currency.This 2018 is the centenary of an important date in the history of the three Baltic Republics: They commemorate the creation of their respective states. Lithuania and Estonia will celebrate in February, while Latvia will have to wait until November.

After World War I and after the Russian Revolution of 1917, the three republics managed to establish themselves as independent countries. They were sovereign until 1940, year in which they were annexed by the Soviet Union after being under German occupation between 1941 and 1945, forming part of of the USSR under the name of Soviet Socialist Republics of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. This Soviet domination was maintained until 1991 year in which they regained their independence, the called Singing Revolution.

Because this important event, the three central banks of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, have decided to mint a commemorative coin of 2 Euros for the beginning of the year 2018, commemorating the 100 years of the independence of the Baltic Countries.

The design of this new coin has chosen by the citizens out of the six finalist designs, two of each country. This election has been carried out through this web page, where it is still possible to consult all the information.

Alternative 2 euro commemorative design

Finally, the chosen design was done by the Lithuanian designer Justas Petrulius, after receiving 4,277 votes, representing 30% of a total of 14,302 validated votes. It is the first time that this artist designed a coin. His work wanted to capture the past, present and future of the three Baltic republics, all of them represented by a braid.

The design of the coin represents the common past, the present and the future of the Baltic Republics, all that symbolized by a braid that unites the paths of the three countries. At the top of the coin appears the three threads that start the braid. Each thread represents one shield of the country, from left to right: a white knight for Lithuania, a lion and a winged for Latvia and, finally, three lions for Estonia.

Finally, on the right side, the minting date (2018) appears, while the left part is reserved for the name of the issuing country in its official language: Eesti, Latvija or Lietuva.

This new commemorative coin will be issue at the beginning of next year. We will have to be careful not to miss it.


As always, we appreciate your comments, what coin do you want us to talk about next week?