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New Spanish Commemorative Coin of the Year 2019: Avila Walls

By rcintas on the

We started this year, 2019, with a new coin, the Spanish 2 euro coin. This coin belongs to the series dedicated to monuments declared World Heritage by Unesco. This time it was the turn of the wall of the city of Avila. Wall of Avila

These commemorative coins are being issued respecting the order in which the monuments were declared World Heritage. There are many World Heritage monuments, so this series could be extended, at least, until 2050 at the current rate of issuance, one currency per year. This series began in 2010 and there is a total of 10 coins minted:


Without doubt, the wall is the most recognizable image of the city of Avila. This defensive enclosure has a perimeter of more than 2 and a half kilometers, crossed by 87 towers and 9 access doors. The wall is being considered as the best preserved urban walled-enclosure in the world.

Its construction began in the late eleventh century as request of King Alfonso VI of León. It  was completed in record time, only 9 years later, from 1090 to 1099.

Declaration of Ávila as a World Heritage Site in 1985, when their walls were declared Human Heritage by UNESCO, including the city itself into the Human Heritage world list.

2 Euro (Wall of Avila)
2 Euro (Wall of Avila)
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From: 2.70 €
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The first image we see it’s the representation of one of the most classic and recognizable views of the wall of Avila. In the upper part of the inner circle and in a circular direction, the name of the issuing country, "SPAIN", appears next to the year of issue, 2019. Finally, in the upper right corner, the crowned M appears, a mark of the mint Spanish house.