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2 Euros Coin Commemorative - Portugal 2018

By Fahani on the

A few weeks ago we posted about the new 2 euro commemorative coins that were already released. Today we focus on the two new commemorative coins minted by the Portuguese Republic.

Portugal has been minting 2 Euro coins per year the last years: 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

This year 2018 Portugal has also decided to mint two new commemorative coins of 2 Euros. Also, this year it happens that both coins are dedicated to commemorate the 250 years of the creation of the National Office of Printing and the Botanical Garden of Ajuda.

2 Euros Coin Commemorative - Portugal 2018

250 Years of the National Printing Office

The coin commemorates the 250th anniversary of the Portuguese national printing press. It was created on December 24, 1768, as Impressão Régia. It was designated Imprensa Nacional in 1883 and after several changes it became what we know today as Imprensa Nacional e da Casa da Moeda (INCM), in short, the Portuguese Mint House.

The coin has a simple design, just using the inscription "1768-2018 IMPRENSA NACIONAL DUZENTOS E CINQUENTA 250 ANOS PORTUGAL MMXVIII". The design evokes the way in which the texts were initially printed in the printing presses.

250th Anniversary Of The Botanical Garden Of Ajuda

The coin commemorates the "250 Years of the Botanical Garden of Ajuda" created by the Marquis of Pombal in 1768 which was the first marquis in Lisbon. In its beginnings the garden was a land with large fruit and vegetable crops at the service of the royal palace, but over time it had exotic species, and soon enough was a place to study different  species. Also the marquis tried to collect as many species as possible.

The garden has suffered numerous renovations throughout its 250 years of history. Currently it is a majestic botanical garden and arboretum of 35000m², which makes it a great tourist attraction. We have to highlight its 400 year old dragon tree, original from Madeira, and the great fountain from eighteenth century.

The design of the coin came from the artist J. Fazenda and it shows one of the exotic trees that can be found in the Botanical Garden. The inscriptions "J. Fazenda "e" INCM "corresponding to the designer and the Portuguese mint house, respectively. The inscription the coin has is: "250 YEARS JARDIM BOTANICO DA AJUDA" and it appears in the form of a semicircle on top of the coin. The country, Portugal, and year, 2018, are placed in the bottom.

Also, during this month you can get the coin dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the creation of the National Printing Office totally FREE, here is explained the terms of the promotion.