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Andorra Euro and Sets Acquisition Tips

By spyke on the

Although Andorra is not part of the European Union it has a monetary agreement to make the Euro its official currency. The actual Euro coin circulation in Andorra started past 15th of 2015 and its distribution has come along with a quite controversy on euro coin collectors.

Mintage quantities:

These are the mintage quantities for the euro coins of Andorra:

Andorra Euro Coins

Face Value €0.01 €0.02 €0.05 €0.10 €0.20 €0.50 €1.00 €2.00
      2014 200,000 200,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 500,000 651,842 500,000


Design and production:

Last 19th of March 2013 a design competition for the national side of the euro coins was launched. On the 16th of May the winning designs were announced and depict a pyrenean chamois on the 1, 2 and 5 cent coins, the Church of Santa Coloma and a depiction of Christ from the church Sant Martí de la Cortinada on the 10, 20, and 50 cent coins, and Casa de la Vall on the 1 euro coin. The design on the 2 euro coin was the decided by the andorran government to be the Coats of arms of Andorra.

Original Euro Coin Design Andorra

Finally the 10, 20 and 50 cent coins were modified to remove the depiction of Christ due to objections from the European Commission on the grounds of religious neutrality. The 2 euro, fifty cent, twenty cent and ten cent coins will be produced by the Monnaie de Paris, while the 1 euro, five cent, two cent and one cent coins will be manufactured at the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid.

Collectors’ sets:

Andorrra Euro Coin Set 2014

First Andorran euros were distributed in this set among Andorran collectors last December 29th 2014. A total number of 70.000 Brilliant Uncirculated sets are planed to be produced. The sets were collected by those who reserved their euros through the official web page: According to the government there is a set per person registered in the census of Andorra, so there is no need to rush. The facial value of the whole set is: 3.88 euros and the price of the set is: 24 euros. These sets started selling for all buyers last 15th of January on three numismatic shops of Andorra, however all buyers had to wait until the afternoon due to delays in the distribution.

Proof version of the coins are expected to be sold from march 2015 along with the release of the commemorative 2 euro coin.

Sets can be directly reserverd by andorrans at

Controversy on sets distribution:

The distribution of Andorran euro sets has been blurry and some controversy and speculation has come along with it. During the period of time that goes from when sets were acquired by locals and the time when they were available for foreigners, speculation raised and prices on these sets got really high on the internet. On the 15th of January, lots of collectors from neighbour countries moved to Andorra to buy in coin sets in site. Delays in the distribution and the lack of information produced some discomfort between collectors.

Although government announced they would not want any speculation with their euro coins disinformation from the government and impatiente from some collectors became the source of speculation with these sets that were sold early at very high prices.

Recommendation on sets acquisition:

From we would like to recommend all our collectors patience with this set since we consider that the quantity of sets (70.000) is sufficient to make the market price match the real shop selling price: 24 euros. So unless you are in a real rush for these coins we believe its better to wait for speculation to calm down.

Due to the high early speculation and quite elevated priced some collectors started to compare euro coins from andorra with those from San Marino, Vaticano and Monaco. However we believe that distribution of the circulated coins through banks for Andorra and Spain will contribute to ease prices on coins sets and other related numismatic products.

The 2 euro commemorative coin:

In december 2014 a new commemorative coin was announced to be distributed in march 2015 although it will be dated in 2014. It will depict the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the country joining in the European Board. A mintage quantity of 100.000 coins is expected and they will be minted by the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid.

The official source of information regarding the euro coins of Andorra is: