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Bicentennial of the Belgian Universities: Ghent and Liège

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Throughout the year 2017 we have informed you about new commemorative coins such as the new commemorative coin of San Marino or the Spanish commemorative coin dedicated to Santa Maria del Naranco. We also dedicate one of the posts of our blog to the new currency of Pound Sterling, qualified as the safest currency in the world. Following this topic, this week we bring you the new commemorative coins of Belgium 2017.

Belgium flag

This year, 2017, Belgium has decided to dedicate its two commemorative coins of 2 Euros to two of its most important universities of the country: Liege and Ghent. Both universities are celebrating 200 years of history this year.

University of Liège

Lieja university coat of armsThe first of the coins minted by Belgium in 2017 was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the University of Liege. This new coin was presented last April 20th, in the presence of the dean and a group of collaborators of the university, who witnessed the minting of the piece.

Although the presence of upper student institutions in the city of Liège dates back to the Middle Ages, 1817 is the year that marks the restructuring of university studies under King William I of the Netherlands. One of the reasons this city has been chosen for presenting the coin was the cultural tradition that the city had had since the Middle Ages, and as a cultural center, it had attracted many researchers, such as Petrarch.

The creation of the University of Liège began with the reconversion of the former university of the Jesuits into a public university. That is why its history as such dates back to that point in history and is now two hundred years old.

The central image of the coin presents the shield of the University of Liege, with four quarters repeated two and two, and under it a ribbon shows the legend Universitas Leodiensis (University of Liege in Latin). To both sides of this shield appear the dates of the bicentennial that commemorates the university, from the year of its foundation, 1817,  to 2017, year of mintage of the coin.

Surrounding these inscriptions, the legend "200 years of the University of Liege" appears first in French and then in English along with the symbols of the mint and the identifier of the country BE (Belgium).

However, this coin will not be circulated, and will only be offered to the collector market in three different formats: coincard (175,000 units), a collection kit and proof finish (5,000 units), or part of the set of euro flower coins of 2017 (20,0000 units).

Lieja university proof coin

Also, as has already happened with other coins minted in Belgium, there are two different versions of the coincard, one with its text in French (87,500 units) and another with the text in Dutch (87,500 units), which reduces even more if possible the availability of coins, as many collectors will try to get both versions. 

Lieja coindcard

Lieja coincard

University of Ghent

Gent university logoAt the end of last September 2017, it was announced the sale of the second coin of 2 euros commemorative Belgium, dedicated the University of Ghent.

The University of Ghent was founded by King William I of the Netherlands and opened its doors on October 9, 1817. In its first year, it had 190 students and 16 professors, numbers that have been increasing along reaching more than 41,000 students and 9,000 employees currently.

After the July Revolution, French became the official language of the University.

In the central part of the coin is the logo of the University of Ghent next to the dates of the two hundredth anniversaries, 1817 - 2017, all of them surrounded by the inscription in French and English "200 Years of the University of Ghent".

In the lower part is the mint mark of the Royal Mint of Brussels, the mint mark of its address and the indication of the country (BE).

Unfortunately, as we have said, in the case of the coin dedicated to the University of Liège, this coin will not go into circulation, but the 200,000 units minted will be put on sale in coin-card (175,000), in a box in its proof version (5,000) or forming part of the official set of 2017 (20,000).

Coincard Ghent

Ghent proof coin


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