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The coins that circulate all over a ninth of the earth: bimetallic Roubles

By rcintas on the

On other occasions we have dedicated posts to talk about the coins of a particular country: Poland, Malta, Finland, Germany or Singapore. This week we bring you a much desired collection of coins for their beautiful and detailed designs, the bimetallic coins of 10 Rubles.

Among the collector coins that Russia has been minting in recent years, we would like to give a special mention to the bimetallic coins dedicated to the territories in the country.

The territorial organization of the Russian Federation is quite complicated. In total, Russia is composed of 83 federal subjects of various types: 22 republics, 46 oblasts (provinces), 9 krais (territories), 1 autonomous oblast, 4 autonomous districts and 3 federal cities. Each of them has a certain autonomy, a parliament, etc ...

Federal subjects RussiaThe collection we are going to describe dedicates a coin of 10 rubles to each federal subject. They are bimetallic coins, made of brass / cupronickel and each of which measures 27 mm in diameter. All coins have a common obverse in which the following appear: the large nominal value, the year of issue, the inscription "Bank of Russia", and a persistent image.

On the reverse of each coin we see the shield of the region in the inner ring of the coin. In the outer ring there are two inscriptions: the upper one, always the same ("РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ", the Russian Federation), and the lower one, refers to the name of the federal subject (in Russian).

This series of 10 rubles began in 2005, with coins being issued at a rate of 5 to 6 coins per year. As of 2017, 46 coins have been issued from this collection. The coins have an affordable price for most pockets. Each coin issued has a mintage of 10 million units, however, this collection has suffered some ups and downs in the mintage. An exceptional case was the reduction in 2010, in which initially only a few tens of thousands were to be minted. In actuality, far from the usual 10 million units minted,  the year ended with the following numbers:

These coins are exceptionally rare and expensive: their price has skyrocketed due to the small number of mintage and the rise of Russian coin collecting.

In addition to this series, the Bank of Russia has a high rate of issuance of different collections, both in current and non-current coins. A good example is the collection dedicated to the historical cities of Russia, for which the same obverse has been kept.

We also have the collection dedicated to the commemoration of “outstanding historical events”: astronaut Yuri Gagarin, the 55th Anniversary of the Great Victory  or the 60th anniversary of the Second World War.

Finally, we want to emphasize that the Bank of Russia not only has bimetallic coin editions. The Russian mint also coins commemorative coins of 10 monometallic Rubles to commemorate important historical events:

What do you think of these collections of 10 Ruble coins? Do you have some of these coins in your collections? We would love to read your comments!