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New launching: CoinCollectionMarket 2.0

By rcintas on the

After several months of work and dedication, we are finally celebrating the new version of this website!! We hope everyone like it. Next you can find a summary of the main features of this new website. As always, we hear your feedback, any comment or suggestion is more than welcome, you can leave us your impressions in the comments of this post or if you prefer you can write us an email:

  • Catalog update: The catalog of coins has been updated with almost 1000 additions of this year 2017, this way you have updated information on all the new coins. With this new update we have detailed information of almost 100,000 different coins.
  • New search filter: One of the main features of this website is the simplicity and speed of use. That is why we have re-design the search filter adding new options and making it more powerful. It also has a help system that autocompletes as you type and updates the results in real time.
  • New image, simpler and cleaner: The new design has modified the overall appearance of the website, reducing the burden of information and having a clearer and simplified view.
  • Responsive to mobiles: We know that most of our users access to the web using mobiles and tablets, reason why we have made the website responsive. Now you can use it from your preferred device maintaining the simplicity and usability.
  • Access through social networks: We are all tired of registration forms and remember new passwords, to get over that problem we have incorporated access through social networks.
  • New server: We have changed hosting to increase the speed of response of the web page, allowing a faster access for all our users. We want you to spend as much time as you want surfing this web without being frustrated of the loading time of the pages.

To celebrate this new version of the web we have decided to offer you the new coins of this year in a “uncirculated” grade at cost price. Throughout this week we will put several units on sale, without prior notice. Stay tuned because only the fastest can get them!

New coin of the pound sterling: the most secure coin in the world

This new coin of the pound sterling started circulating last march in the UK. You can find complete coin information in the dedicated special post published some weeks ago.

New Spanish 2 euro 2017 commemorative coin: “Santa María del Naranco”

  • Heads: In the central zone the image of the Church of Santa María del Naranco appears, the most representative building of the pre-romanic asturian architecture along with its mintage year, 2017, and the mint house seal
  • Tails: Similarly to what happens with the rest of the 2 euro commemorative coins from spain, the drawing in the reverse and the edge of the coin it is the same.

This is already the 8th coin of the annual series dedicated to places in Spain included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Do not miss this great opportunity to incorporate these two new coins of 2017 to your collection, at cost price!!