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New forum in CoinCollectionMarket: The community is growing

By rcintas on the

These last weeks we made a review of the 2 euro commemorative coins minted along this 2017 (1st part, 2nd part and 3d part) and we have also remembered one of the most iconic coins from last century: the Morgan silver dollar. But this week we have an opening, we want the community of CoinCollectionMarket to keep growing and in order to help that we have created a new meeting point for our users: the forum.

In this new forum we can keep each other up to date with all the novelties in the numismatic world, we can share tricks and advices about the cleaning and maintenance of coins or we can recommend each other different coins and collections that keep coming out.

Logo Forum


We are going to show you to use this new tool and give you the details of all of its characteristics so you can get the most of it and start using it from right now.

Since we have an international community, we have created two main sections in the forum, one on each of the main language used by our users: spanish and english.

Forum categories


Inside every one of these main sections we have created a list of categories to organize each and every post:

  • Introduce Yourself: Section to get to know each other better
  • Coin Valuation: Here you can obtain information about the market price of one coin.
  • Preservation: Tricks and advices about the preservation, cleaning and storage of our collections.
  • Identification: To help each other when trying to identify those unknown coins that we all have in our collections.
  • News: To keep us all up to date with the novelties of the numismatic world.
  • Other topics related to coins
  • Off topic: For everything else that has no space in any of the previous section.

How to start a new thread or answer one:

In order to start a new thread or to answer any of the existing ones it is necessary to loggin to the website. For that you can use the login button situated in the right top corner of the screen.

Login Forum
It will take us to the login form of the website, we don’t have to register again for the forum, just use the same as the one from CoinCollectionMarket, either using our user/password combination or using the facebook login.

Login CCM

Once logged in we would automatically be taken to the forum and to the section corresponding to our language (as selected in CoinCollectionMarket):


English categories forum

In order to create a new entry, we have to click in the section in which we want to add it and we click in the button “create topic”:

New topics

This will open a small text editor so we can create the new entry:

Text editor new post

In the case that we want to answer an already created thread we only have to use the “answer” button that appears under the the comment we want to answer:

Reply topic



We also can save the messages that we think are most interesting in order to re-read them later, we can share them in the social networks or also mark them so we can get an email when any other user answers to that post.

Notifications are activated automatically for any message that we write so we can get an email when other member of the community answers any of our threads.

If you keep having any doubt about the usage of the forum you can checkout our section of most frequent questions or leave us any question in the forum itself. Lastly, we would like to recommend you to have a look at the terms and conditions of the forum.

We hope this new tool helps unite and helps growing even more the CoinCollectionMarket community. As always, we are open to any kind of critic or suggestion so send us all your opinions and what a better way to do it than using this new forum!!