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By Fahani on the the coin trading tool we all were waiting for

Hello and welcome everybody to CoinCollectionMarket. My name is Marco and I am an enthusiast collector and proud software developer at We, as collectors ourselves, felt the need for a specific tool that could help us learn, exchange information and at the same time trade numismatic material. So following the said “if you want something do it yourself” we got our hands dirty and came up with this coin community market site. We are launching today and we are very excited to bring to the coin collecting community this powerful tool we were always looking for ourselves. We hope you all like it.

Through the posts on this blog we will try to explain and introduce everyone not only to the features of the website but also to the art of coin collecting. The idea is to give out tips and tricks on how to either build you a new coins collection, continue your old one or just sell it for good at a fair price. News and coins curiosities will be also provided so we can all learn together about the amusing world of numismatics.

In this first post I will outline a bit of what we currently have at CoinCollectionMarket and what we try to achieve with the website:

Community driven

The problem: When we look for selling and buying coins with a certain level of security on transactions we have to go to generic selling/buying websites with the lack of specific tools, tutorials or information related to the numismatics world. On the other hand, if you want to talk about numismatics, read news or exchange information you have to go to forums where you cannot securely trade your coins. We wanted a site that both allows you to securely trade your coins in the community while providing you the information and tools you need to interact with other collectors.

The solution: So we build the website around the idea of making it the more community driven we can. Its meant to be build by coin collectors for coin collectors. Who else would know better our own needs? We planned the blog section for news, tips and tutorials for all to comment and even post. Also we plan to add a forum so we can all share news, information, experiences and suggestions.

Security on shipping and transactions

The problem: We used to trade coins through forums and other social medias. This lead to risks like insecurity (scams, information being vulnerable) or even shipments getting lost. We felt the need of a way to secure this transactions.

The solution: So we prioritized security on the website as well as on the shipments that would be performed. In order to ensure all the payments are processed securely and money is managed in a fair way we use the largely known secured PayPal payment systems. Shipment and seller commitment is ensured through the feedback system, high quality sellers are awarded with the highest punctuations letting you choose the seller with the trust level you feel more comfortable with.

Easy Sell

The problem: Another tedious task was putting all the coins you don’t want on sale, building lists or putting them on sites like ebay one by one. It is a time consuming task that sometimes was not even worth it if the profit on the coin is not high enough.

The solution: We tried to minimize the amount of work involved in advertising your coins sales. Therefore we provide sellers with a pre-loaded up to date database of all the coins in the world so you only need to find the coin and all the information is preloaded. The only specific to your sale information you need to add is: amount, grade, year and price, then it will be automatically on sale. We estimate 5 seconds for advertising a coin on sale. All shipping costs are also preloaded and calculated so you don’t have to enter all the amounts for each item. Advertising your coins has no costs, so you don’t risk anything uploading your collection on sale here.

Easy Buy

The problem: In the process of building a collection you often find yourself needing different coins from different buyers. Looking through all the coin lists from dealers, shops or ebay auctions is a time consuming task that could be optimized.

The solution: We put a big effort into making the process of buying coins from different sellers as easy as we could. So you can now add all the coins you want from up to 9 different sellers to your cart and then checkout all at one time. We think this eases the process of buying all the coins you need for your collection at once. Also, for a better overview of all the offers of a certain coin, all sellers of an item are listed all together under the description of the coin and you can reorder them as you want, this way you can compare all offers in a matter of seconds.

Minimum costs

The problem: The almost only secure tool available for coin trading was ebay and it charges you per advertisement without even a guarantee of selling your product. We know every platform has its costs but we wanted to minimize the impact on the final users (sellers and buyers).

The solution: We do not charge per coin advertised, you can put on sale your whole collection and we won’t charge any fee until you actually sell something and make profit out of it. So we finally will only take 5% fee after a transaction has been successful and everyone is happy. We need to pay our servers and our developers want to eat, at least once a day!.

Finally I would like to welcome everyone to send us suggestions, evaluations, comments or even blog posts you would like to see published here. You can send it by email to or even have a chat with any of us through the "live support!" section of CoinCollectionMarket. We also welcome people willing to collaborate, so if you feel like it just let us know!

Hope you all like it and see you around.