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Guide to Commemorative 2 Euro Coins issued in 2017, Part 3

By rcintas on the

Commemorative Euros

This week we finish the guides on commemorative coins of 2 Euros minted during 2017. If you missed the first part or the second you can find them in the blog.


Continuing the topic that started last year, this 2017 Malta has minted two commemorative coins with two very different subjects: one devoted to an archaeological jewel (Temples of Ggantija 2016) and another belonging to the series dedicated to Children and Solidarity (Love 2016).

Hagar Qim Temple

Malta has dedicated again a 2 Euro commemorative coin to one of its archaeological gems. After the coin dedicated to the Temple of Ġgantija in 2016, this year it was the turn of the Temples of Ħaġar Qim. This group of temples is formed by a main temple next to three megalithic structures that date from the Ġgantija period (between 3600 and 3200 BC)

On the coin appears a succession of monoliths representing the Temples of Ħaġar Qim. Above them appears the legend "ĦAĠAR QIM TEMPLES" in English together with the approximate date on which they were built 3600-3200 BC. The lower part of the coin is reserved for the name of the MALTA country and the year of minting, 2017.

Children and Solidarity - Peace

This is a new coin of 2 euros commemorative of the series dedicated to "Children and solidarity". This series started in Malta in 2016, dedicating the coin to solidarity and love. The series will extend until 2020. This time the coin is dedicated to Peace.

All the designs in this series are obtained through a competition among high school students in Malta. This time the coin shows the image of two children holding the flag of Malta and a dove as a symbol of peace over them. The children are surrounded by the name of the country and the year of minting. Like the first coin of the series, it has been engraved by Noel Galea Bason and minted at Monnaie De Paris.


As usual, the principality has decided to mint a single commemorative coin, this time dedicated to the bicentennial of the military corps formation: "The Prince's Carabineros Company".

The Prince's Carabineros Company is the main military unit of the principality of Monaco, although in fact the defense of Monaco falls to France, this body is similar to the Swiss Guard that protects the Pope. It was constituted by Prince Honorato IV in 1817 and currently has approximately 100 troops. In addition to their duty tasks, patrols watch the beaches and coastal waters of the Principality, as well as other functions.

In the coin appears two soldiers, one on duty and the other making the military salute. Both are represented in front of the entrance to the Royal Palace of Monaco. In the lower part of the coin appears the inscription “BICENTENAIRE CARABINIERS DU PRINCE" next to the dates of the bicentennial 1817 - 2017. The upper part is reserved for the name of the issuing country and for the mint marks.


As it has been doing since 2014, Portugal has decided to issue two new commemorative coins for this year. It happens that both coins are dedicated to commemorate the 150th anniversary: The first one to the birth of Raúl Brandão and on the other to the creation of the police force.

150 Years of the Birth of Raúl Brandão

The first coin has been dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Raúl Germano Brandão (Foz do Douro, March 12, 1867 - Lisbon, December 5, 1930). He was a very influential military man, journalist and writer, famous for the realism of his descriptions and for the lyricism of language. Among his main works we can highlight: Os pobres (1906), Húmus (1917, considered his masterpiece) and Os pescadores (1923).

In the center of the coin appears a portrait of Raúl Brandão occupying almost the entire surface. To his left appears his name along with the dates of the anniversary of his birth "1867" and "2017". The lower part of the coin is reserved for the name of the issuing country "PORTUGAL", while the name of the designer of the coin appears at the top: "Luis Filipe DE ABREU".

150 Years of the Public Security Police

The second coin is dedicated to La Polícia de Segurança Pública (PSP), and specifically to the 150th anniversary of its creation, which was carried out in 1867. This Portuguese security force has many functions, but perhaps the most relevant for citizens is to be the security force responsible for the security of the large urban areas of Portugal. Thanks to this visibility, it has become the Police par excellence of Portugal.

The design of the coin is very symbolic, it shows two human figures and several geometric figures that symbolize the citizens and the cities of Portugal. On these human heads appears the symbol of the Portuguese police together with the acronym PSP (Polícia de Segurança Portuguesa Pública). On the left side it appears the dates of the anniversary of the creation of the body of "Public Segurança" 1887 and 2017. On the right side it appears the three basic rights of citizens: "Direitos, Liberdades e garantias" (Rights, Freedom and Guarantees). Finally, in the lower part of the coin is the name of the artist "José de Guimarães".

One of the most outstanding novelties about this coin is the distribution of the colored Proof edition.

San Marino

Then you have the details of the two new coins minted by San Marino.

750th Anniversary of Giotto's birth

On this occasion, San Marino has decided to dedicate the coin to the 750th anniversary of the birth of Giotto di Bondone. Renowned artist of the Trecento, he developed several artistic fields, standing out above all in painting. He is considered one of the initiators of the Renaissance movement in Italy, his work had a decisive influence on subsequent pictorial movements.

The image of the coin corresponds to the design of Luciana de Simoni. From right to left we see the image of Giotto, and the bell tower of the cathedral of Florence along with the name of Giotto. Between both representations and vertically appears the name of the issuing country "San Marino" and also vertically the legend "Giotto 1267-2017".

2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism

This year 2017 has been designated as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution of February 9, 2016. Sustainable tourism is understood to be a form of tourism where the natural environment is not modified, and the development of social and economic activities is not inhibited either. It is a tourism that promotes the weakest economies and totally opposed to mass tourism. The aim is to promote a new mentality and giving visibility to this new conception of tourism, for that, San Marino has decided to dedicate one of its commemorative coins.

Again, we find a very symbolic design of this coin, in the center of the coin appears a representation of the planet Earth surrounded by waves, fading within this design, in the right area, we find a circle with the letter A, which is the anagram of coin designer Andrew Lewis.

The inscription "SUSTAINABLE TOURISM" appears on the central part and in the lower part is written the name of the country and the year of mintage: "SAN MARINO" and 2017. Finally, on both sides of the main image, it appears the initials of the recorder UP INC (Uliana Pernazza) and the letter R, which represents the Italian Mint that dealt with the minting.

Vatican City

Unlike what we were used to, the Vatican has coined two new commemorative coins, only had minted two in 2013 and last 2016.

Centenary of the Apparitions of Fatima

This year 2017 marks the anniversary of the Marian apparitions near the small village of Fátima in Portugal. Appearances were attended by three young pastors: Lucía dos Santos, 10 years old and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto, aged 9 and 7 respectively.

These pastors met "a beautiful lady who gave off a brilliant light" and she presented herself as the Lady of the Rosary in a total of five occasions. In addition, she revealed to them "the mysteries of Fatima", a series of historical events that would have happened in the following years. In 1930 the Catholic Church recognized the supernatural character of the apparitions authorizing to build the Fatima a sanctuary. At present it is one of the most important pilgrimage centers of Christianity.

In the center of the coin it appears the three little shepherds to whom Mary appeared and, behind them, the Sanctuary of Fatima. On this image are the inscriptions "CITTÀ DEL VATICANO" in the form of a semicircle and the years of the commemoration 1917-2017, as well as the word "FATIMA". The set is completed by the mint mark "R" on the left side and the name of the designer of the coin "O. ROSSI" at the bottom.

1950th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

The Vatican has decided to commemorate the 1950th anniversary of the martyrdom in Rome of the Apostles Simon Peter and Paul of Tarsus. It is one of the largest religious celebrations for Catholic and Orthodox Christians, held on June 29, although it is unclear if it is the anniversary of their deaths or the transfer of their relics. Their deaths took place during the time of the Emperor Nero under the command of the prefect Agrippa. It should be noted that both apostles were sentenced to death, but they were not applied in the same way. Peter was condemned to die crucified and Paul was beheaded.

In the center of the coin it appears the figures of San Pedro and San Pablo next to their symbols, the keys and the sword, respectively. Under these images is the name of the artist "G. TITOTTO ", the year of minting 2017 on the left, and the mint mark" R "on the right. In the central image, in semicircumference, the inscription "CITTÀ DEL VATICANO" appears. While the lower part is reserved for the inscription referring to the motive to be commemorated: "1950º OF MARTIRIO DEI SANTI PIETRO E PAOLO".