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Commemorative coins 2 Euros 2014 (Part I)

By rcintas on the

Last week we brought you information regarding the most used catalog among coin collectors, however, there are coins that still do not show up in this catalog. Among these coins we can find the new mints of 2 Euro commemorative coins of this year 2014. Because of that between this and next week we will bring you a summary of all the 2 Euro commemorative coins that were minted along 2014. We hope you find it interesting.

2 euro album coins


We already talked about the German Coins on its own post. Now we bring you the description of the German commemorative coin minted at the beginning of February 2014.

This coin follows the collection dedicated to the German regions, in this case the region is "Lower Saxony" (Niedersachsen). The image of the coin shows St. Michael’s church, a Romanian church, UNESCO World Heritage, that was constructed between 1001 and 1031. In 1945 March 22nd during the II World War the church was destructed by bombs, but the coffered ceiling, the paintings and the constructions protected by concrete were not destructed so it could be reconstructed to its original style between 1950 and 1957.

2 Euro (Niedersachsen)
2 Euro (Niedersachsen)
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Although Andorra did not started minting Euro coins until the end of last 2014, they will not make us wait more and it will be that same year the one when they mint the first Andorran 2 Euro commemorative coin.

As we already talked about the Andorra Euro coins a few weeks ago, we will only mention some of the information relative to this coin.

For this first mint they have decided to dedicate the coin to the 20 anniversary of the entry of Andorra in the European Board. 100000 Brilliant Uncirculated coins and 5000 Proof ones have been minted.


Belgium started minting commemorative coins in 2005, starting with the coin commemorating the anniversary of the Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union. Since that they have minted a total of 13 coins, one each year except in 2009 with the mint of the common commemorative coin due to the 10th anniversary of the Economic and Monetary Union and 2012 with a new common commemorative mint, this time dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the Euro circulation.

Last 2014 they also minted two coins:

Great War Centenary

The image of the coin shows an opium poppy, a symbol that remembrances the fallen in the I World War. Along the date 2014-18, that recalls the date of the mint of the coin along with the years that the world war lasted, from 1914 to 1918 with the legend “The Great War Century”. Edition of 1750000 coins.

150 years of the red cross in Belgium

Last 2014 was the anniversary of the 150 years of the presence of the Red Cross in Belgium, this fact was celebrated by the Belgian mint with the issue of this commemorative coin. The image on the coin shows a Cross, the Red Cross symbol in which cener the numbers 150 are shown. Following the Belgian habit of using both languages in its coins denomination, the legends “CROIX ROUGE” (Red Cross in french) and “RODE KRUIS” (Red Cross in Dutch) are included.

Last year’s coins have been the ones with the smallest serie from all the ones minted until now, minting 1750000 units in the first one and only 287500 on the second. Which has ended up increasing its market price. What are you waiting to get them?!


The slovakian mint dedicated the 2 euro commemorative coin of 2014 to the "10th Anniversary of the entry of the Slovak Republic in the European Union", which was the 1st of May of 2004.

In the center of the coin the slim letters «EÚ» are shown, along with the Slovak Republic shield. On the right the joining date «1.5.2004» and, just under it, the minting year 2014. The rest of the legends are references to the minting state «SLOVENSKO» and the slogan “10. VÝROČIE VSTUPU DO EURÓPSKEJ ÚNIE” (10th Anniversary of the entry in the European Union).


Although Slovenia put off some years its Euro incorporation, from the first year of its adhesion, 2007, it has minted 2 Euro commemorative coins. Along 2014 it dedicated that mint to the coronation of the queen Barbara of Clili. Coronation that took place November 8th 1414 in Aachen.

The central zone of the coin contains a portrait in it center that represents the queen Barabra of Clili. Above the image three stars of six spikes are shown, stars representative of the Clili Counts. While on the left of the portrait the inscription “SLOVENIJA” along with the inscription “BARBARA CELJSKA” and the years 1414-2014.


Since Spain joined the Euro, the Spanish national mint house has minted 11 Spanish 2 Euro commemorative coins. We have already talked about some of this coins in specifically dedicated posts. This is the case of the commemorative coin of the Spanish throne change. However, we will make a small summary of that info in this post dedicated to 2014 commemorative coins.

Here is the already commented spanish throne change commemorative coin, in which the previous monarch Juan Carlos I bust is shown along with the one of its son Felipe VI.


Along last 2014 Spain minted a new coin on its serie of tributes to the UNESCO World Heritage places, this one was dedicated to the famous architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet. Between 1984 and 2005 seven of his works have been UNESCO World Heritage.

The image of the coin shows in its foreground the salamander o staircase dragon and in the background we can see the mushroom sized cupola (amanita muscaria) from the entrance both belonging to the Barcelona’s Park Güell designed by Antonio Gaudí.


A few weeks ago we also dedicated a post to the finish coins. However, we did not have enough space to bring you information regarding the ones minted in 2014. Not for nothing, it is the country that more commemorative coins have minted, up to a total of 16 different coins.

Last 2014 they minted two new coins, both dedicated to the centenary of the birth of a distinguished person.

100th anniversary of the birth of Tove Janssonn

Tove Marika Jansson was a finnish writer, illustrator, strip cartoonist and painter in Swedish language. She is particularly known due to work for kids, and above all for creating the characters of the Mumin family. The coin reproduces its own self-portrait with its signature and the years 1914-2014.

100th Birth Anniversary of Ilmari Tapiovaara

Yrjö Ilmari Tapiovaara was a Finnish designed noted by his furnitures and textiles. Become especially famous along the Second World War, in which he designed canoes and furnitures for the Finnish army using only local wood and simple tools, without nails and screws.

The coin image shows a union between wood bars (MAdemoiselle chair), a characteristic from the Tapiovaara designs.


The French mint coin house is one of the houses that cares most on the coins mint, no wonder the 2 Euro French commemorative coins until now have strong details. Last year two new coins were incorporated.

70 D Day Aniversary (Normandy Landings)

The D-Day, June 6th 1944, was the beginning of the allies landing in Normandy, during the Second World War, fact that changed drastically the war course.

The French mint house tried to express the importance of that day with the design of the word "D-DAY" in which a landing boat and a tank canyon is represented. Under it, appears the inscription “70e anniversaire du Débarquement” along with the tracks of the boots used by the British and American armies, that are slowly banished by a wave.

Detalle moneda 2 euros conmemorativa 70 aniversario primera guerra mundial

World’s AIDS day

The AIDS international Day is commemorated the 1st of December of each year, and its dedicated to spread the progress obtained against the HIV/AIDS pandemic caused by spreading of the infection of the HIV.

In the coin the fight symbol is represented, the red bow. In a composition of three of them the coin shows: a standard bow and two inverted forming a V as a reminder of the yearn for victory.