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Curious Euro values: 2.5 Euros Portuguese coins

By rcintas on the

Within the mintage of euro commemorative coins, Portugal decided to recover the facial value coin 2.5 that disappeared in 1986 when the 2.5 escudos coin circulation was ceased.

2.5 euro commemorative Portuguese coin

Several mints are performed for this facial value, the ones meant for circulation have a nickel-copper alloy while the ones meant for collecting are made from sterling silver. Portugal releases 4 coins every year since 2008 —only three in 2009—. Also, in 2010, a benefic sterling silver coin was released, which profits will be donated to the “Banco Alimentar contra a Fome” to fight against starvation. Likewise, from 2009 a 2.5 999 ‰ gold euro coin is emitted.

2015 Coins:

Along this year 2015 5 new 2.5 euro coins will be minted. Theme and dates of release are well known already however there is not so much info regarding designs.

Unesco Immaterial Heritage of Humanity serie: The Fado

Within the coin serie dedicated to the Immaterial heritage of humanity, this year 2015 the Republic of Portugal has decided to dedicate a coin to the most internationally known expression of its music, the fado.

The design of this coin has been made by Andreia Pereira and it represents the poruguese guitar, the typical instrument for accompanying the fado.

As well as with other 2.5 euro coins, two mints will be made: one prof quality mint of 2.500 units and one nickel-copper alloy of 75.000 units.

The expected release date is next February 2015.

Europe Serie: 70 years of peace in Europe commemoration

This coin commemorates the seventeenth anniversary of the end of the second world war. There will be a lot of countries dedicating coins to this anniversary along 2015.

Vitor Santos is the one on charge of this design. The peace pigeon is on the heads with an inscription “70 años de paz na europa”, while in the tails the portuguese shield is drawn along with the Europe map.

Mints and coin quantity are the same as in the previous coin. However the expected release date is around march 2015.

Portuguese etnografic serie: Colchas de Castelo Branco

In this case the embroidered bedspread from Castelo Branco are commemorated. These bedspreads are embroidered with silk thread on linen, using different stitches among which the “ponto a frouxo” stands out. It is also known as Castelo Branco stitch.

In some villages of the municipal boundary of Castelo Branco these bedspreads are still part of the bride's trousseau, and are presented the wedding’s day, when the grooms show their houses to their guests.

Isabel Carriço and Fernando Branco are the ones in charge of this design and imitates the bedspreads designs.

In this case three different mints will be performed, since this is the serie elected to make the golden mint. Along september 2015 the release of 2500 units of silver 925 and gold 999 is expected as well as 100.000 units of the nickel-copper alloy version.

Rio 2016 olympic games - The path to Rio

In a friendly wink to the brazilians, the portuguese coin mintage will release a commemorative coin of the celebration of the olympic games in Brazil in August 2016. The design of this coin is still unknown, however we know that Joana Vasconcelos will be in charge.

It is the coin that will have a larger units number, being 2.500 made from silver and 150.000 in the nickel-copper alloy version. Expected release date is october 2015, however this might not be precisely exact due to the lack of a design.

One coin one reason: The climate change

The last 2.5 euro coin of this year is dedicated to the climate change awareness. The design for this coin is still also unknown but we know that José Aurélio is the selected designer in charge of it.

A mint of 2.500 silver coins is expected and 100.000 on the nickel-copper alloy. The date of release is expected along november 2015.

In order to get more information regarding these coins you can check the official program for portuguese coins mintage for this year 2015. Information of the coins from previous years can be accessed through the INMC webpage: here in portuguese and here in english.

Special edition:

Among the peculiar 2.5 euro coins a very special coin exists. It is very special because in reality is made from two coins (a silver one and a golden one) put together in order to come up with the first world eccentric bimetal coin.

This coin commemorates the first centenary (1914-2014) of the first mintage of a commemorative coin in the Portuguese Republic. This historic milestone is part of the history of the INCM(Impresa Nacional Casa da Moneda) and its celebrated with the creation of the first world eccentric bimetal coin.

Designed by Nun Caetano, it has some technical and visual unique features; a golden coin mounted in the border of a bigger silver coin, using a novel mintage process.

The heads of the silver part is a copy of the coin released back in 1914, and the first with a facial value of 1 escudo, while the golden part is a duplicate of the latest escudos coin that was in circulation before the euro was introduced in the country. The tails shows an image of the old Casa de la Moneda, where the 1914 was minted, with a detailed view of the entrance of the Casa de la Moneda, where the escudo from 2001 was minted. 

Denomination Metal Weight Quality Mintage
2.5 €URO Gold 999/1000 - Silver 925/1000 12.8 grams Proof 2500

Of this so special coin only 2500 units have been released, this along its high quality, special design and materials used have incremented its value and the collectors interest on it. The coin was released at a price of 172 euros, however its market value nowadays is around the 300 euros.