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Coins unknown by many: The colored euros

By rcintas on the

A few weeks ago we talked about the new commemorative coins that Spain will put into circulation. The design of these coins is related to the 50th birthday of the Head of State, which happened at the beginning of the year 2018. It was a surprise for many that one of those coins, the silver 30 euro coin, would be colored. This week we are offering you information about the colored coins.

This "fashion" of coloring the Euro coins emerged a few years ago as an initiative of some numismatic companies to reactivate the coin market during periods in which the official mint houses were not issuing new coins. For this reason, they began to color, mainly commemorative coins of 2 euros and some regular coins of 2 euros face value.

Although the majority of collectors did not like these manipulated coins, the truth is that many people ended up adding them to their collections. This action increased the demand for them and, at the same time, more companies were introducing a multitude of colored coins into the market, increasing supply.

The reality is that color alterations of the coins are “illegal” and although the main European mints were aware of the fact that companies were coloring coins for profit, they didn’t do anything about it. Well, initially there were some small initiatives of the mints to try and limit the production of these currencies, but they ended up not having any tangible effect.

Each year, there were more colored coins that appeared. You could find the same coin painted in a multitude of ways, and collecting all the variants was practically impossible.

Finally, many of the official mints changed their criteria and are now minting versions of the coins themselves, including several colors. That is the case with the Spanish 30 Euro coin which we referred to at the beginning of the post.

Euro coins are not the only ones that have begun to incorporate color, there are already a multitude of collectable coins of this type, even using stains that glow in the dark.

The process of coloring the coins is achieved with a lacquer that is applied with a laser-guided machine. Here you have a video of one of these machines in full process:



What do you think? Do you collect this type of colored coins? We would love to hear your comments!