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Felipe VI, Spain, New King, New Coins

By spyke on the

Last June 19th Felipe was proclaimed by Spanish “Cortes Generales” as a new king of Spain. A lot has been talked regarding the new coins that this change would bring. The look on the new euro coins, which would be the first coin mint in the series of coins with Felipe VI as a face.

1.- Felipe VI king proclamation 30 euro coin

The first Felipe VI coin was a silver coin with a nominal value of 30€ past 15 of december. It will be available through most of Spain’s commercial banks and post offices. A special version for collectors will also be available at a later date. It is not yet known if this effigy will be included on Spanish EURO circulation coins.

Felipe Spain King Proclamation 30 Euro

This coin continues the series of silver coins of 2000 pesetas, 12€, 20€ y 30€.

Reverse: It includes an image of the King’s royal crest or coat of arms which includes references to the crowns of Castile and Leon as well as that of Aragon and Navarre. The crest is surrounded by the collar of the Golden Fleece and crowned of the same metal and precious stones, with eight rosettes, the ram representing the golden fleece is seen at the lower half of the collar. A series of latent images contained in one circular shape is seen next to the crest on the right side which includes the numeral “14” a stylized crown, a fleur de lys, and the Mint’s own crowned “M” mintmark that are visible individually as the coin is tilted. The coin’s denomination is positioned above the latent image.

Denomination Metal Weight Diameter Quality Mintage
 30€ EURO .925 silver  10 grams  33 mm Uncirculated  Up to 1 Million

For more information on this and other coins offered by the Casa Real, please visit the website of the FNMT at: shop Information offered in English and Spanish, international orders dispatched.

2.- Euro Felipe IV commemorative coin

The FNMT will also issue a 2€ coin commemorative of the proclamation of Felipe VI as a king. This coin was issued December 25th 2014. There will be a maximum of 12 million coins issued, however it is expected that only 8 million will be actually minted.

Denomination Metal Weight Diameter Quality Mintage
 2€ EURO BiAlloy (Nk/Ng)  8.5 grams  25.75 mm Uncirculated  Up to 12 Million

This coin shows the faces in foreground of King Felipe VI and Juan Carlos I in the background. A circular write at the bottom says ESPAÑA 2014. All surrounded by the european stars.

3.- New Spanish 1 euro and 2 euro aspect

According to the euro regulation “National coins heads can be modified in case there is a change in the head of state to which they refer to.”. So because of the abdication of Juan Carlos I and posterior proclamation of Felipe VI, the new coins of 2€ and 1€ coins that up to 2014 sowed the face of Juan carlos I will now show the king Felipe VI instead.

2 Euro
2 Euro
Available: 27
From: 2.85 €
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1 Euro
1 Euro
Available: 33
From: 1.50 €
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From January 1 2015 the new 1€ and 2€ coins minted will have Flipe IV’s face. The rest of the coin values will maintain their old design. Coins with the face of Juan Carlos I will maintain its value and circulation.