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How many Spanish Pesetas are there left?

By Fahani on the

Last week we talked about the new coins that San Marino is going to mint along this year 2017 and how they are going to change their design after being having 15 years of circulating euro. This week we got sentimental and we bring you the last of all the edition of the pesetas that circulated in Spain before the euro adoption.

Pesetas Españolas

It has been fifteen years since the euro replaced the peseta in Spain. Both coins lived together during the first three months of 2002 to then clean the path for a single one, the euro. But the peseta has not entirely disappeared: there are 1.708 millions of euros in pesetas, among bills and coins that have not been exchanged.

Although this number can look very big, the thing is that when the currency change in Spain happened, the  Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (Spanish mint house) minted 7.055 millions of coins in euros with the spanish national face. According to the data from the ECB, only ten years after the start of the circulation of the new coin, there was in the 17 member states a total of 22,800 millions of euros in coins and 847,000 millions in bills, a higher number right now if we take into account that countries like EstoniaLatvia or Lithuania became members of the common currency.

Actually, today very few people have still peseta bills in their houses although there is quite a few coins, in money boxes, pockets, drawers or forgotten corners. A lot of the tourists that visited Spain before 2002 also kept some of them, and of course the collectors. If we take into account that the estimations of the Spanish Bank itself: around 45% of all the pesetas that were circulating before the euro will never be exchanged, but they will be maintained as part of collections around the world.

Here you have the last pesetas that were circulating in Spain:

1 Peseta

1 Peseta
1 Peseta
Available: 10
From: 0.50 €
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5 Pesetas

10 Pesetas

25 Pesetas

50 Pesetas

100 Pesetas

200 Pesetas

500 Pesetas

These ones, along with the 2,000 pesetas coins, are the only exchangeable coins. This exchange can be done in any of the offices of the Spanish Bank until the 31st of December of 2020.

As a last tribute to the peseta, coin that has been in Spain during 132 years, the F.N.M.T. minted in 2001 a luxury presentation of the last pesetas with values of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000 pesetas, all of them minted in silver along with the book "Historia de la pesetas" (History of the peseta) written by D. José María Aledón. This luxury edition comes with a certificate of authenticity, and only 150.000 where issued.


Las últimas pesetas en plata

We will be alert and keep you informed of all the coin collection news. Meanwhile, Do you have the pesetas collection completed already?, what are you waiting for to acquire the ones you are missing!!