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Interview To Moneditis

By rcintas on the

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Moneda 8 reales

Today we start our new interviews section. We have had the pleasure to interview Moneditis (, passionate and professional coin collector, living between Russia and Spain. In the following questions he will show his point of view in some aspects of the numismatic world.


1.- Moneditis, How did this obsession-love for numismatics?

Some years ago with its usual ups and downs.

2.- From a hobby to a profession. Can someone live out of the numismatic business? Which was the most expensive coin you have ever bought and sold?

Living out of numismatics it is complicated. 6 platinum roubles from Nicolas I SC some years ago.

3.- We know that you have good skills to find counterfeits, and that our Asian neighbours are real experts making them. Have you ever being a victim of these counterfeits? How did you manage to demonstrate it was one?

Who has never being a victim of these counterfeits? The ones answering they have never being one, are lying ;) The process of demonstrating a counterfeit depends on the kind of counterfeit and the relation cost/benefit, among other things. The coin origin is important but not conclusive. For the coins I know (I am always learning) that are the 8 reales you just have to read my blog… The actual technology of analysis and non-destructive observations is essential.

4.- Where do you find strength to analyse and find these counterfeits? Do you make a lot of tests prior to say that is a counterfeit? Are you afraid of being wrong?

The truth is always something statistic. Detecting counterfeits is something that every coin enthusiast should do… always among each one’s possibilities and taking into account several opinions, although sometimes non well based can distruct us. Being afraid is something human… but with the right knowledge and the adequate technical tools, not always easy to access, very few contrefaits are able to be missed. Internet is an infinite source of information.

5.- Do you think the auction houses should pay more attention and have more people in charge of checking the authenticity of the items?

Auction houses are companies that, as such, look for benefit and recognition of their work and trust from clients. I am not the one to tell them what they should do. Just having a look at numismatic forums is enough to "imagine" what the average collector asks for, however, unfortunately as I read not so long ago, a very known auction house from Spain had a very serious technical error which lead to complains from their clients/users, they ended up discrediting them because they spent very few money on their auctions and/or they represented a very low percentage of their sells. A curious way of handling customer care.

6.- From all the coins, Do you like or have preference for any one? 8 reales maybe? Tell us where that special interest comes from…

hehe… yes… the 8 reales is an iconic coin from our Spanish imperial and cultural splendour past. I like travelling, also in time, so in that times with a few columnarios, on top of one onza or so, you could go around the world… and the seas (columnario) was also called worlds and sease type).

7.- The numismatic market has declined a lot in these few years, Do you think we should renovate in order to motivate again this market or this is a point of no return?

The numismatic market depends on its head: market/money/investment, and its heart: collecting/hobby/interest so combining both “organs” together in the times we are living is not an easy task.

8.- Following the previous question, coin sales, besides that still there is a lot being sold on street markets, fairs and congress, we are now changing from this traditional selling method to online selling, with the pros and cons that this brings along. Do you think Internet and online markets like CoinCollectionMarket can become a revolution in the numismatic field or it is just a very traditional hobby and the online sales will only be a mere anecdote?

Each channel has its own potential. Buying a columnario without seeing it on your hand might have some risks. More than one or two people would not spend more than 100 euros on the Internet. I sometimes even think about it ;

9.- How many hours do you spend working and how is a normal day in your life?

In the morning I usually read and chat with a colleague on top of some tasks not only related with the numismatics. Internet is a great help. The afternoons are mostly dependent on my family, friends,... The trips are a break in the daily “routine”.

10.- Sometimes because someone has a bad day or just maybe because the want to deal some damage, they leave in the mail or a forum a hurting message. How do you confront those critics?

Constructive critics are always welcomed. I don’t pay much attention to silly people. We all have a bad day ;)

11.- Have you ever thought about stopping with the numismatics?

Yes, several, but I don’t know if that day will ever come.

12.- Although we know that you are not a specialist on actual coins, you should know about the fever that the new Andorra coins have started. What do you think about this craziness going on to get them?

I felt curious and I have some of them on sale. Waiting in line at the bank I found some friends.

13.- Do you remember any similar craziness?

Regarding Andorra I think something similar went on in 2003.

14.- We know that you live somewhere between Spain and Saint Petersburg. How does that affect your business?

The trips are actually part of the business but Saint Petersburg is also my house.

15.- Is it easy to keep contact with your clients?

It all depends of you treat your clients. I have them informed through the blog.

16.- You move between very different markets, are they different between them? How are Spanish collectors versus Russian ones?

Yes, Russians are, in general more methodical, disciplined and consistent. From the Spanish collector I would not know what to say that we don’t already know.

17.- Finally, thanks to the experience obtained along these years, What would be your advice to someone that is starting in the numismatic world?

Read before buying and ask always for advice, even when you believe to know. A second opinion always. Third and so on depending on what you expect to spend on beer.


With this interview we inaugurate this new section in our website. In it we will publish interviews made to professionals and amateurs from the numismatic world in order to share with all of us their opinions and experiences.

We hope you liked this first interview to a renown professional such as Moneditis. If you want to know more about him or his work do not doubt to visit his blog:

If you want to be interviewed or suggest someone that should show up in this section do not hesitate to contact us!

And you? Have you ever bought a counterfeit? Do you know the story of some friend who accidentally bought a counterfeit? Leave us a comment!