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New Commemorative Coin San Marino 2017

By rcintas on the

A few weeks ago we wrote about San Marino's modification of the coins destined for circulation, but these are not the only new coins that San Marino will mint during this year 2017. The San Marino mint-house is also going to produce two new commemorative coins of 2 euros.

New San Marino coin

On this occasion, San Marino has decided to dedicate the new coin to the 750th anniversary of the birth of Giotto di Bondone. This Italian artist, born in Colle di Vespignano (Vicchio) in 1267 and died in Florence on January 8, 1337. He was an artist very recognized in his time, developing works in various artistic fields, highlighting poetry, sculpture, architecture and over all, the painting. Not in vain he is considered one of the initiators of the Renaissance movement in Italy.

The image of the coin corresponds to the design of Luciana de Simoni. From right to left we see the image of Giotto, and the bell tower of the cathedral of Florence which in turn bears the name of Giotto since the project and the realization of the structure are his work. Between both representations and in vertical appears the name of the issuing country "San Marino" and also in vertical the legend "Giotto 1267-2017". Last, but not least, the Italian mint mark "R" appears in the lower center, while the designer mark is on the right side next to the image of Giotto.

The issue of the coin is announced for March 30, with a mintage volume of 70,500 coins, all of which will be distributed in sets.

In this set is also represented the bell tower of the Cathedral of Florence located in the Piazza del Duomo.

We will inform you of all the news. In the meantime do not forget to buy the coins that you are missing!