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New Commemorative Spanish Coins: 50th birthday of King Felipe VI

By rcintas on the

This week we continue with some coins that will come to us in 2018. A couple posts ago we talked about the coin that’s gonna be issued by the Baltic republics. Now it is the turn of a coin dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the King Felipe VI of Spain, one of the heads of state of the Union European.

Casa SM Felipe VI

The coin commemorates the 50th anniversary of the birth of Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso of All Saints of Bourbon and Greece, or as he is known since his accession to the throne: Felipe VI King of Spain.

Felipe was born in Madrid, on January 30th of 1968, at the clinic of Nuestra Señora de Loreto. He is the current king of Spain, title by which he holds the Chief of the State and the supreme command of the Armed Forces. This charge was proclaimed at the Cortes Generales on June 19th of 2014, after the abdication of his father Juan Carlos I.

The obverse of the coin is very similar to the one used to illustrate his accession to the throne. In this new design we can see the effigy of King Felipe VI. Over it is placed the inscription "FELIPE VI REY DE ESPAÑA", while the lower part is reserved for minted year, 2018.

In the reverse we can see the coat of arms of His Majesty the King Felipe VI. As a novelty in this type of Spanish coins, it appears colored. Next to the coat of arms, in the upper left part we have a quadruple image in which are shown: the royal crown, the number 50, the year of issue 18 and the mint mark. Under the coat of arms are the face value of the coin, 30 Euros and the mint mark. Finally, in the lower part appears the inscription: "50 ANIVERSARIO DE S.M. EL REY".

This new coin will be available in the National Currency and Stamp Factory and in the offices of the Bank of Spain the next January 30th of 2018, same day as the anniversary of Felipe VI. In addition, it should be said that this will be the first Spanish coin to be colored.


In addition to this collection coin of 30 euros, Spain also minted a 2 euro commemorative coin to celebrate the birthday of its head of state.

For this coin has also been used the coat of arms of King Philip VI, which appears in the central position. The issuing country SPAIN and the year of minting 2018 appear on its left, while the mint mark is on the right side. Finally, the inscription "50 ANIVERSARIO DE DON FELIPE VI" appears occupying the right exterior in the form of a semicircle.

The coin will be put into circulation at the beginning of next February and a total of 400,000 units will be issued. We recommend you to be attentive, since it will be one of the minor coinage issued by the National Currency and Stamp Factory for this type of commemorative coins.


As in both coins the coat of arms of King Philip VI is used, we will give you more details about it:

Escudo Felipe VIThe coat of arms is divided into four quarters, emblazoned as follows:

  • Castilla: a castle with three towers and a door.
  • Leon: a crowned lion.
  • Aragón: four sticks of gules.
  • Navarra: gold chains intertwined with each other.

In the center of these four squares appear three fleurs-de-lys, representing the Bourbon-Anjou family. Also in the center we can see a grenade in reference to the Kingdom of Granada below. The whole set is surrounded by the Golden Fleece, the word toison comes from the French meaning "fleece" or the skin of the ram, an animal that continues on the coat of arms of Felipe VI.

Finally, the coat of arms is topped with a closed crown engraved in gold and precious stones. It is also composed of eight acanthus leaf florets (of which only five are visible), which converge in a blue orb and a cross.


We want to remind you that these are not the first commemorative coins that are coined with the figure of King Felipe VI, since in 2015 they were issued according to his proclamation as Chief of state.

In this coin also his effigy appears in the coins of one and two euros, minted the first of January, 2015.

2 Euro
2 Euro
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From: 2.50 €
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1 Euro
1 Euro
Available: 28
From: 1.50 €
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What do you think about the new coins that are going to be minted? Do you like colored coins? Leave us your comments!