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New Design in Euro Coins San Marino 2017

By rcintas on the

This week we bring you the new coins of San Marino. This time they are not commemorative coins but the mint house of the principality have decided to change the design of the circulating coins.

San Marino Castle

San Marino has been minting euro coins since it started circulating back on the 1st of January of 2002. The actual coins were designed by the artist Frantisek Chochola and they represent the history and monuments of this small republic.

Previous Coins of San Marino:

Changing the coin meant to circulate is restricted by the European Union by the (EU) Regulations Nº 729/2014 that says the following:

“In order to facilitate the recognition of circulation coins, and to ensure appropriate continuity in the minting, Member States should only be allowed to modify the designs used for the national sides of regular circulation coins once every 15 years, except if the Head of State referred to on a coin changes."

Exception that was used by Spain when they changed the face of Juan Carlos I by the one of Felipe VI in the coins of 1 and 2 euros.

However, San Marino had waited the 15 years in order to change the design of its coins.

1 Euro
1 Euro
Available: 139
From: 2.00 €
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1 Euro
1 Euro
Available: 33
From: 1.50 €
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2 Euro
2 Euro
Available: 161
From: 1.15 €
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2 Euro
2 Euro
Available: 27
From: 2.85 €
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The new design of the coins have been made by Arno Ludwig, and they represent artwork and monuments of the Republic of San Marino.

In the 2 euro coin it appears a portrait of San Marino that comes from a painting made by G.B. Urbinelli.

For the 1 euro coin the second tower of San Marino was used, named "La cesta" (The basket).

Again we have a portrait occupying the central part of the 50 cents coin, in this case a drawing from a painting by E. Retrosi.

In the 20 cents coin the three towers of San Marino are represented, "The basket", that was already in the 1 euro coin, along with "La Rocca" and "La Montale".

The facade of the church and convent of San Francis is the design used for the 10 cents coin.

Another church, in this case the one belonging to the Capuchin Monks, is the one used for the 5 cents coin

The 2 cents coin shows one of the gates of the city, the Gate of San Francisco, also called gate of the mad man

For the last coin, the 1 cent coin, they decided to use the coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino.

Sadly we will still have to wait a few months to be able to add these new coins to our collections since they won’t be issued until next June 2017.

However, this year 2017 much more countries will have passed this 15 years barrier since they adopted the euro back in 2002. Therefore it is possible that more countries will decide to change the national faces of the euro coins meant for regular circulation. We will be alert and will keep you informed of all the novelties that might arise. Meanwhile do not forget to acquire the coins you have left here!