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Polish Coins: The Zloty and the Groszy

By rcintas on the

After talking about the new coins that spain will issue the next 2018 because of the 50th birthday of its Head of State, today we bring you the information about the coins of the 8th biggest economy and one of the most dynamic ones of the European Union: Poland. In the similar way as we did with the posts about Germany, Malta, Finland or Singapore, we will go through a bit of the history of the coins of the country, leading to some comments of the coins that are actually circulating today.


The official coin from Poland is the Zloty, polish word that literally means "golden" and this name was originated between the end of the XIV and the beginning of the XV centuries, time in which any foreign golden coin that circulated Poland was named Zloty, specially the ducats from Germany and Rutenia.

In 1496, the polish assembly created a national coin equal to 30 groschen (the groschen started as the official denomination of the centesimal part of one austrian chelin), which in polish was named polski zloty («polish gold»). This coin was made oficial as Zloty in the second half of the XVIII century, under the kingdom of Estanislao II Poniatowski.

It was the official coin of the country until it got replaced by the russian rouble in 1850.

However, the Rouble was not used during a lot of time, since in 1917, due to the first world war and the German invasion of Poland, it was replaced by the Polish Marka (1917-1924).

Finally, the Zloty was reintroduced in 1924, after the hyperinflation and the monetary chaos that preceded the First World War. This is still nowadays the official coin in Poland.

The polish coins have been updated during this year 2017, issuing  a new version of all their circulating coins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 groszy

All this coins maintain in its obverse the white eagle, which the emblem of the Polish Coat of Arms. Also, the eagle is surrounded by the inscription “RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA” (Republic of Poland) and under the inscription there is the year of mintage. This same image has also been used for the circulating coins of 1, 2 and 5 Zloty.

In a similar way that happens to the coins with the highest value of the eurozone (the 2 euro commemorative coins), the 2 Zloty coin have also been minted with commemorative motives.

However, this are not the only circulating coins with commemorative motives, since from 2014 two new bimetallic commemorative coins of 5 Zloty are issued each year.

We would also like to make a special mention to a coin of 5 Zloty minted in 2016 commemorating the 250 anniversary of the creation of the mint of Varsovia.

It is a nice and rare squared coin in which center the regular circulating coin of 5 Zlotys is embedded.

In the obverse the Royal Castle image appears along with the image of Minerva, presented as the guardian of the craftwork, taken from the royal medal that was minted in 1766 to commemorate the monetary reform and the creation of the Mint of Varsovia.

While the obverse shows the bust of the king Stanislaw August Poniatowski. The coin also has the image of the minting machine basic from the time, known as the “balancier” press.


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