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Selling tips 1: Get your own link to promote your own coins, just as if you had your own shop

By Fahani on the

Old Coin Shop

This tip is for those out there that have their coins on sale at, if you don’t have them yet, what are you waiting for? get ride of those coins you don’t want anymore or go get some at your local bank and make some money to support your own collection it’s a piece of cake. Here you have the tips for put coins on sale.

1. Go To The Search User Page

To go to the seach user page, click the link Search User:

Search User Link On The Menu

2. Find Your User

Once the Search User page is loaded, user the search filters to find your user and click over your user name:

Find Your User

3. User Public Profile

After clicking over your user name you will go to your public profile page. In this page you can find a link called Coins for sale, click on it:

User Public Profile

4. Link To Your Private Shop

Finally, we can find a list of all your coins for sale in the website. To share this list, you just have to copy the link in the brower. Sharing your link with your coin collector friends will improve your sales:

Link To Your Personal Shop