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Tricks to fund your own coin collection (part 1)

By Fahani on the

In our previous posts we explained how to estimate the value of coins and how some of them can even become true treasures. However, most collectors don’t get into this world for the economic interest, but they do it for the history behind the coins, the depiction of the coins or some other feelings.

How to fund your coin collection

1st Trick: 2€ Commemorative Coins

With the appearance of the euro a lot of people started to get interested in thee world of coin collecting. The appearance of this common coin in a great number of countries has allowed that a big variety of coins end up in our hands every day. On top of that, the mintage of commemorative coins in the different countries has increased that variety.

These commemorative coins can become of great help when it comes to fund our coin collection. This is due to the fact that in most of the countries that have the euro as a currency it is possible to buy uncirculated commemorative coins at their facial value, this means, at the real price that the coin represents.

These coin can be a good starting point for the collection. They are not expensive and thanks to their uncirculated state it is very easy to exchange them with other collectors or sell them to collectors from other countries for a slightly higher value than their facial one, making some extra money to fund your next purchase.

Some 2 Euro Commemorative Coins

As it always happens, the amount of minted coins and how easy is to purchase them is mainly what it will determine the market value of the coins. For example, for a spanish collector it might be easy to obtain the spanish coins but not the lithuanian ones. On the other hand, as time passes from when they went on sale also makes them increment their price if we keep it in an uncirculated state, since a good number out of the total of minted coin will start circulating losing their value for any collector. Similarly, the time taken from when the coin started circulating will increment its value as there will be less of them in the market. However, you should keep in mind these increments are usually small.

Sadly this is not always possible, there are some countries that have very small batches only targeting coin collectors, which makes them more expensive. For example: San MarinoMonaco or The Vatican City.

Few Expensive Coins

On the other hand, there are coins that even though they are meant for circulation, even with a high volume of minting, sometimes they become in very desired coins for collectors which makes their value grow very fast. A very recent example are the coins from Andorra that were available at a facial value in the “Bank of Spain” (Banco de España) and they awaken interest by coin collectors, making their value grow 10 times during their first few days of circulation.

Andorra Coins

Summing up, an easy way to generate revenue in order to fund your own collection would be:

  1. When a new commemorative coin of 2 euros comes out: buy a few of them in uncirculated state. Usually in the local country bank (for example: the Bank of Spain) o in the mint house. You can also do this taking advantage of your trips to different countries.
  2. Sell them later online, in places like coincollectionmarket, at a slightly higher price to collectors from other countries (around 0.5 euros of revenue per coin) or wait until the price goes up because they cannot be purchased in uncirculated state at the bank anymore.

We hope this trick will help you out fund your collection and that thanks to it you can expand the number of coins you own. Now you just have to acquire coins at a facial value and sell them to buy the new ones that you don’t currently own!!.

And you, do you have any special trick to get revenue from coins? Do you know where to buy 2 euro commemorative coins at facial value in some country abroad? Leave us your comments!