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UNESCO World Heritage Commemorative Collection: 2017 New Spanish Coin

By Fahani on the

Last week we recalled the 12 euro and 2000 pesetas coin collections from Spain, this week we want to talk about the last coin minted by the FNMT. Following with the UNESCO World Heritage monument series and after the mintage of a coin dedicated to the aqueduct of Segovia last year, this time they commemorate the Asturian architecture.

Aqueduct Segovia

This is already the 8th coin of the annual series dedicated to places in Spain included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

On the obverse of the coin, in the central zone the image of the Church of Santa María del Naranco appears, the most representative building of the pre-romanic asturian architecture along with its mintage year, 2017, and the mint house seal.

Santa María del Naranco is an old palace situated 8 kilometers from Oviedo, over the south hillside of the Naranco Mountain. Originally it was not meant to be a church, but it was the royal classroom of the palace that was ordered to construct by the king Ramiro I on the outskirts of the capital of the kingdom of Asturias. Its construction ended in 842. Its artistic style is named asturian or "ramirense", in the pre-romanic architecture. As a curiosity it is worth mention that Woody Allen was there filming some parts of his movie Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona.

Similarly to what happens with the rest of the 2 euro commemorative coins from spain, the drawing in the reverse and the edge of the coin it is the same. On the edge it appears the inscription: 2 * *, repeated six times and alternatively oriented up and down. The reverse contains the facial value of the coin along with the european map.

The number of minted coins for its circulation will be of 4 million units. Although the information is still not official, it seems that there will be a proof quality serie of 10,000 units at a price of 19 euros as it also happened with the rest of the coin of this serie. You can check all the info relate to this here.

The rest of the 2 euro spanish commemorative coins belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage series are:



2 Euro (Alhambra)
2 Euro (Alhambra)
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