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US States collection: Quarters (25 cents of a dollar)

By Fahani on the

This week we bring you one of the most popular collections, specially among those that get started in the world of numismatic collections, the collection of the quarters of the States of United States.

US States collection: Quarters (25 cents of a dollar)

Even though the coin might not be the most common payment method in the United States, coins of 1 dollar exists although americans seldom use it, mostly using the bill of the same value.

However there is a coin that stands out as the most used in the United States of America, that is without a doubt, the quarter, that is, the 25 cents of dollar coin.

States collection

"50 State quarters program" is a series of 50 american coins that commemorate the joining of each one of the states that make up the actual United States of America.

The mintage of the coins is done in the same order as the states were incorporated to the union. Therefore the first coin issued was on the 1st of January of 1999 with the state of Delaware, while the last of the coins was the state of Hawaii on the 3rd of November of 2008.

Delaware and Hawaii:

All the coins of the series have a common obverse in which a redesign of the common picture of George Washington from the original quarters was used. This comes along with the name of the country (United States of America), the motto of the country (In god we trust) and the word Liberty.

The content in the reverse of the coin was chosen different for each of the states, showing mostly peculiar elements of each one of them among which you can find: typical animals and plants from the place historical moments, relevant celebrities or interesting places.

Each one of the coins was minted in 4 different varieties. The two ones meant to be used as regular circulation minted in a copper-nickel alloy near Denver (D) and Philadelphia (P). While the two meant for collections where minted in the mint house near San Francisco, one minted with the same alloy but with a proof finish and another one made in silver.

Quarter Set ProofQuarter silver Proof Set

It is an easy to get and affordable collection, however, not all the states have minted the same amount of coins, the total amount of minted coins goes up to the amount of 34,797,600,000 coins. And you? Do you have your complete state quarter collection?

Here you can buy the ones you are still missing:

25 Cents / Quarter (Utah)
25 Cents / Quarter (Utah)
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