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500 Rupees (Decade For Woman)

500 Rupees (Decade for Woman)
500 Rupees (Decade for Woman)
Name: 500 Rupees (Decade for Woman)
Catalog Code: km62
Country: Seychelles
Series: 1978~Today - Republic (Numismatic Products - Gold)
Theme: Coats of Arms, Maps, Seals (Emblems), Women
Issue on: 1985
Last Issue: 1985
Distribution: Numismatic Product
Mint: Missing information or its translation, wanna collaborate?
Composition: Gold
Composition details: 900/1000 Gold .2036 oz AGW, 100/1000 copper
Face value: 500.000
Currency: ₨ - Seychellois rupee
Denomination: Missing information or its translation, wanna collaborate?
Diameter (millimeters): 21.80
Thickness (millimeters): 2.00
Weight (grams): 7.13
Edge: Reeded/grained
Mintage: 500
Orientation: Medal alignment ↑O↑
Rim: Raised. Not decorated. Both sides
Shape: Circular
Subject: Decade for Woman
Description: Front: Three women in front of map of an Island
above Decade for Women logo and (value) 500
legend: (left, organization) UNITED NATIONS
(right, UN project) DECADE FOR WOMEN (1976-1985)
(bottom, currency) RUPEES
Back: Coat of arms (27 May 1976) with motto
FINIS‧CORONAT‧OPVS (translation: The End Crowns the Work)
legend: (state name) REPUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES
(bottom-left/right, spacers/dots) • (bottom, year) 1985


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