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10 Rupees (Declaration Of Independence - Silver Edition)

10 Rupees (Declaration of Independence - Silver edition)
10 Rupees (Declaration of Independence - Silver edition)
Name: 10 Rupees (Declaration of Independence - Silver edition)
Catalog Code: km28a
Country: Seychelles
Series: 1976~1977 - Republic (1st Series)
Theme: Animals (Fauna), Anniversaries and Jubilees, Heads of State, Ribbons, Turtles
Issue on: 1976
Last Issue: 1976
Distribution: Numismatic Product
Mint: Royal Mint, Llantrisant, Wales, Great Britain (1968~Today)
Composition: Silver
Composition details: 925/1000 Silver .8411 oz ASW, 75/1000
Face value: 10.000
Currency: ₨ - Seychellois rupee
Denomination: Missing information or its translation, wanna collaborate?
Diameter (millimeters): 43.50
Thickness (millimeters): 2.00
Weight (grams): 28.28
Edge: Reeded/grained
Mintage: 29000
Orientation: Medal alignment ↑O↑
Rim: Raised. Not decorated. Both sides
Shape: Circular
Subject: Declaration of Independence - Silver edition
Description: Front: Green Sea Turtle (right, Chelonia mydas)
below (value) 10 RUPEES in front of curled ribbon
legend: (below, subject) INDEPENDENCE 1976
Back: Bust 1st president Sir James Richard Marie Mancham
(right, 1976-1977, founder the Democratic Party (S.D.P.)
* August 11, 1939, Victoria, Seychelles
⚭1 (1963) Heather Jean Evans (19-, daughter (Caroline) ⚮1974)
⚭2 (1985) Catherine Olsen (19-, 1 son, (Alexander)
legend: (state name) REPUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES
Designer: Suzanne Danielli
Edge: G - grained, type: ridges

Formerly known as: y28a


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