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2 Złote (Wisent - Bison Bonasus)

2 Złote (Wisent - Bison bonasus)
2 Złote (Wisent - Bison bonasus)
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Name: 2 Złote (Wisent - Bison bonasus)
Catalog Code: y878
Country: Poland
Series: 1995~2014 - 3rd Republic (Commemorative 2 Zlote)
Theme: Animals (Fauna), Bisons, Coats of Arms, Flags, Mammals
Issue on: 2013
Last Issue: 2013
Distribution: Circulating Commemorative
Mint: Mint of Poland PLC (Mennica Polska), Warsaw, Poland
Composition: Nordic Gold
Composition details: 89% copper, 5% aluminium, 5% zinc, 1% tin
Face value: 2

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