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500 Ringgit (5th Malaysian 5-Year Plan)

500 Ringgit (5th Malaysian 5-Year Plan)
500 Ringgit (5th Malaysian 5-Year Plan)
Name: 500 Ringgit (5th Malaysian 5-Year Plan)
Catalog Code: km38
Country: Malaysia
Series: 1967~Today - Numismatic Products
Theme: Coats of Arms, Flags, Gears - Cogs Wheels, Geometric Shapes, Hands
Issue on: 1986
Last Issue: 1986
Distribution: Numismatic Product
Mint: Singapore Mint, Singapore
Composition: Gold
Composition details: 900/1000 Gold .2969 oz. AGW, 100/1000 copper
Face value: 500.000
Currency: RM - Malaysian ringgit
Denomination: Missing information or its translation, wanna collaborate?
Diameter (millimeters): 26.16
Thickness (millimeters): 2.00
Weight (grams): 10.26
Edge: Reeded/grained
Mintage: 11000
Orientation: Medal alignment ↑O↑
Rim: Raised. Not decorated. Both sides
Shape: Circular
Subject: 5th Malaysian 5-Year Plan
Description: Front: Coat of arms (1963, 1965 altered, Jata Negara)
above (thick value) $500 (Ringgit)
legend: (above, publisher) BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA
(left/right, spacers/dots) •
Back: Two cog wheels (left) with flag (right) clasped hands
in front of design inside circle
(translated: Fitth Malaysian Plan)
(left/right, spacers/dots) •
(bottom, period years) 1986 - 1990
Edge: G - grained, type: bars


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