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3,500 Dobras (Wildlife Protection)

3,500 Dobras (Wildlife Protection)
3,500 Dobras (Wildlife Protection)
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Name: 3,500 Dobras (Wildlife Protection)
Catalog Code: km46
Country: São Tomé and Príncipe
Series: 1977~Today - Săo Tomé and Príncipe (Dobra) Numismatic Prod
Theme: Animals (Fauna), Coats of Arms, Corals and Sponges, Environment Protection, Fishes, Reptiles, Sea Life, Turtles
Issue on: 1990
Last Issue: 1990
Distribution: Numismatic Product
Composition: Silver
Composition details: 925/1000 Silver 4.0468 oz. ASW, 75/1000 copper
Face value: 3,500

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