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20 Escudos

20 Escudos
20 Escudos
Name: 20 Escudos
Catalog Code: km80
Country: Angola
Series: 1951~1974 - Portuguese Overseas Province
Theme: Geometric Shapes, Globes, Seals (Emblems)
Issue on: 1971
Last Issue: 1972
Distribution: Standard Circulation
Mint: Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda, Portugal
Composition: Nickel
Composition details: ~ 98% nickel
Face value: 20.000
Currency: Angolan escudo
Denomination: Missing information or its translation, wanna collaborate?
Diameter (millimeters): 30.00
Thickness (millimeters): 2.00
Weight (grams): 12.06
Edge: Reeded/grained
Mintage: 2000000
Orientation: Coin alignment ↑O↓
Rim: Raised. Toothed. Both sides
Shape: Circular
Subject: Missing information or its translation, wanna collaborate?
Description: Front: Escutcheon colony inside circle
legend: (above, name colony) ANGOLA
(low-left/right, spacers/2 large between 4 rosettes) ✣ ✥ ✣
(bottom, value) 20$00 (escudos)
Back: Portugese escutcheon on an armillary sphere
legend: (top, spacer/dot) •
(bottom-left/right, spacers/rosettes) ✣
(bottom, year) 1971 or 1972

Formerly known as: y30


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20 Escudos
Seller: marafado123
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Reputation: Special Status 'Warning'
Country: Portugal Portugal
Grade: Uncirculated
Year: 1971
Price: 3.00 €
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