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Guides & Tutorials / How to accept different currencies in your PayPal account

How To Accept Different Currencies In Your PayPal Account

Welcome to CoinCollectionMarket! In this page we show you how to set up your account to accept payments in different currencies and avoid problems.

1. Login Into Your Account

Access to PayPal website and go to the log in area, then insert your credentials:

PayPal PayPal access to your account

2. Seller Preferences

Once you are inside your account, on the left side you can see a section called "Selling tools", in that section there is a link that takes you to your seller preferences , click that link.

Seller Preferences - PayPal

3. Getting Paid And Managing My Risk

Between the options you see as seller, select the option getting paid and managing my risk and click the button update.

Getting Paid And Managing My Risk - PayPal

4. Accept And Convert

Last step is select the first option, that will assure that the payments you receive will be converted to your currency, avoiding problems selling. After selecting that option we have to save changes.

Accept and Convert To My Currency- PayPal

After this configuration, your account will be set up to sell with no problem.