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Guides & Tutorials / Feedback system to rate the sellers

Feedback System To Rate The Sellers

Welcome to CoinCollectionMarket! In this page we show you the feedback system we use at CoinCollectionMarket to rate the sellers.

Purchase Received

Once a purchase has been properly delivered to its buyer and he marks it as received a seller evaluation panel will be displayed.

Rate Seller

On this panel the buyer can provide an individual grading for the packaging, processing speed and item description as well as give a global one for the seller. The buyer can grade with 1 (bad) up to 5 (outstanding) coins for the seller. An optional comment can be attached to the grading. If the buyer does not mark the item as received in a period of 45 days, it will automatically been marked as received and a 5 coins grade will be given to the seller in all fields.

The Seller Status

Based on the sales feedback a seller is assigned a status that represents how good or bad that seller is. For this purpose only the general feedback is taken into account.

There are 5 current status a seller can achieve:

  • Outstanding seller Outstanding sellerl
  • Minimum 40 evaluations
  • Over 4.5 average feedback a
  • Very good seller Very Good Seller
  • Minimum 30 evaluations
  • Over 4.0 average feedback a
  • Good seller Good seller
  • Minimum 15 evaluations
  • Over 3.0 average feedback
  • Average seller Average seller
  • Minimum 5 evaluations
  • Over 2.5 average feedback
  • Bad seller Bad seller
  • More than 5 evaluations
  • Under 2.5 average feedback
  • A special status is WARNING! AtenciĆ³n you reach this status if it occurs any of these two statements:
  • Less than 5 evaluationss
  • More than 2% lost items

NOTE: A sale is counted when the seller sends it.