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Guides & Tutorials / How to buy coins

How to Buy Coins

Welcome to CoinCollectionMarket! in this page we will show you how to buy coins using the search page.

Find the coin you are looking for

With this information, the bottom of the page is reloaded and you can see all available coins that match the filter:

Search Results

Clicking the "Details / Buy" button will open a new window with all available information about the selected coin.

Details of the selected coin

At the bottom of the page are listed all the sellers that have that coin for sale along with their details:

Sellers of a coin
  1. [optional] Check that the coin information matches the information you want to buy.
  2. [optional] You can check the seller's status and credentials, or even send him a message.
  3. [optional] Check the price at which you wish to purchase the coin.
  4. [optional] Select the quantity you wish to purchase using the dropdown.
  5. Click the "Buy" button.

A success message like this should appear at the top menu, and on the right you will see your shopping cart updated with the items you added.

Success message adding coins to the cart

The car icon in the upper right corner should show the number that corresponds to the items you have in your shopping cart:

Number of articles added to the cart

You can keep adding as many coins as you want from any seller.

Due to PayPal's restrictions, there is a maximum of 9 sellers that can be purchased in one purchase. We recommend making more than one purchase if you want to buy from more than 9 different sellers. We are currently working to remove this restriction.

Billing of Your Purchase

Once you have added all the items you want to buy, you can go to your cart to review your items and finalize the purchase.

  1. Click the shopping cart in the upper right corner to check the purchased coins. It should look similar to the following image:

    Shopping Cart Summary
  2. Each seller and his items appear in a box. Within this selection has all the information regarding the purchase for said seller, this information can be classified into two sections:
    • a) Listing of items to be purchased: At the top of the seller's section is a list of the items to be purchased. Beside each item has a drop-down in which you can modify the number of units to be acquired as well as a subtotal of the cost of purchasing the items.
    • b) Shipping costs: In this section you can choose the type of shipment you prefer, the cost of each type of shipment is pre-calculated (see help on the cost of shipping for more information ) depending on the seller's location and the information you have provided in your User Profile.
      Finally, the fee charged by Paypal for securing the transaction is included.
  3. At the bottom of the cart there are two sections:
    Address and total in the shopping cart
    • a) On the left is the shipping address that will be transmitted to the seller so that he can send the items that you just have purchased. Please make sure you enter the correct information in your user profile.
    • b) In the right section a small summary of your entire cart is shown, so you can clearly see how much the total payment is.
    • c) Click on the "Pay" button, in order to proceed to PayPal and make the payment.

Note: Items are not guaranteed until you click the "Pay Now" button and the payment is made through the PayPal platform.