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Guides & Tutorials / How to manage your user account

How To Manage Your User Account

Welcome to CoinCollectionMarket! This guide will show you how to manage your user account.

1. Go To The Login Page

Do click over the login button located in the menu:


2. Email & Password

Introduce your email and password, then click over the login button:


3. Go To Your Profile Page

To go to your profile page, click over the the profile link in the menu:


4. Upload Profile Picture

To be easy for the rest of user to recognize you and increase your sales, we recommend to upload a profile picture. The image must be jpg/jpge format.

Upload Profile Picture

Once you have selected your picture, click over the upload picture button to upload and confirm the update.

5. Update Your Personal Information

For the sellers to know your address, you must have your personal information update. Please make sure your data is correct.

Update your personal information

6. Go Vacations

If you are planning on going for vacations or you just don't want the other user to see your coins, this is the option you have to use. Press over go vacations button.

Go Vacations

7. Update Your Password

You can change your password from here, just introduce your new password twice:

Update Password

For security reasons we recommend your password frequently.

8. Update Seller Information

In this section you can see the commission percent taken from your sales, or if you have some discounts you will see them here.
To be a seller in the website, you have to update this information. Select your country, select the amount from which the shipping must be certified, and last, select your paypal email where you want to receive the money from your sales.

Update Seller Information

9. Delete Account

We don't want you to leave the community but if you need it, you can delete your account and the personal information in the website here:

Delete Account

Every action here require you to confirm your actual password.