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Guides & Tutorials / How to Package your Coins

How to Package your Coins

Welcome to CoinCollectionMarket! In this page we show you information about how to package your coins before shipping them.

We love to satisfy our customers and therefore successful transactions where sellers and buyers end up extremely satisfied. For this to happen it is important that shipments are send with a proper packaging. If you pack things correctly, you have very few worries.

Here you have some generic tips to improve the chances of a successful transaction with a good packaging:

  • If you assume the treatment to the package will be nothing but gentle you might be right, so package for that situation.
  • Try to make the package not look like it has coins.
  • Do not allow the coins to touch each other and make noise!
Packing Materials

And here you have the steps to follow in order to package your shipment properly.

  1. Envelope
    • For a very small amount of coins purchase (1 or 2) you could choose a regular envelope. Better if its strong so it does not break during shipping.
    • For an average amount of coins a bubbled envelope should be used.
    • For big amounts of coins you might have to have an actual package and put all the coins there.
  2. Wrap your coin
    Wrap your coin with some paper (the thinnest the better) or some kind of foil. This will maintain the coin safe from external erosions during packaging and shipment. Wrapping a Coin
  3. Stick your coin so it does not move
    • Grab two pieces of cardboard or postcards and tape the wrapped coin(s) to one of them. Tapping Coin to Cardboard
    • Tape the second cardboard over the firs one leaving the coin(s) in between. Closed Coardboard
    • Put the cardboards with the coins in the envelope and close it. Closing Envelope
  4. Finishing
    You could add some tape to the envelope to make sure it does not open. Add directions stamp and your ready to ship! Extra Tape to Envelope