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Guides & Tutorials / How to register into CoinCollectionMarket

How to register into CoinCollectionMarket

Welcome to CoinCollectionMarket! In this guide we show you how to register into CoinCollectioMarket step by step.

1. Go To Register Page

Click the register button in the menu.


2. Fill The Form

The register from is simple, you just have to fill the user name and email, verify you are not a robot and accept the terms and conditions. After that press the register button.


If the register process went well, you should see the next message:


3. Active Your Account

Go to your inbox and open the email you got from CoinCollectionMarket:


then do click over the activate account link.

4. Account Activated

Once you have clicked over the activation link, your account should be activated:


5. Log In Page

To go to the login page do click over the log in button located in the menu:


6. Email & Password

Last step to login, enter your credentials into the form. The email and the temporal password we sent you in the activation email:


7. Log In Using Facebook

Alternatively you can use your Facebook account to access to the website, this process is much faster, you just have to press over the login with facebook button.