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How to Ensure your Shipping Method

Welcome to CoinCollectionMarket! In this page we will show you how to ensure the shipping method.

One of the main concerns when purchasing over the internet is the security in the transaction. From CoinCollectionMarket we try to make these transactions as safe as possible. For the payment platform we have opted for one of the most secure systems: Paypal. Once the payment platform aspect is covered, it is time to make efforts to ensure that each shipment arrives in perfect condition at its destination. In this regard we have created a small packaging guide that provides a series of tips to avoid that the packages can be subtracted or damaged, at the same time, we suggest that whenever you can, you use certified delivery services, as these provide tracking service of shipments.

Buyers can choose the shipping option they prefer from the shopping cart.

Shipping Methods Shopping Cart

On the left side it shows all the shipping options available , depending on the country of origin and destination as well as the weight of the package, all accompanied by a corresponding price ( see the purchase guide ). It is, therefore, at the buyer's choice to select the certified shipment if he wants to.

Sellers also have the possibility to set the shipping method to be certified. In the user profile the sellers can set a threshold from which the buyer is force to choose a certified shipping method when buying coins. At the time of creating the user account, this value is set by default at 25 €. In case you want your shipments to always be certified you can set a very low amount or, if you prefer to leave it at the buyer's choice you can set a very high amount.

Threshold to set the shipping certified

As said before, the actions described have the intention to ensure that your package arrives correctly. If you are buying coins and the certified option doesn't show in your shipping cart, you can contact us and we will do our best to resolve that situation.
In the case your package is lost and you have selected a certified shipping method, our responsibility is limited to acting as intermediaries between buyer and seller. In order to resolve any type of conflict that could occur, finally being in the hands of PayPal dispute system .