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Manage your Sales

Welcome to CoinCollectionMarket! In this page we show you all about your sales and its statuses.

All your sales are shown when you click on the "My Sales" link at the top of the menu.

Menu CoinCollectionMarket

Sale's Status

On the "My Sales" page you will find something similar to the following:

Sales Filter

At the top of the page, there is a filter that allows you to quickly locate specific sales you have made.

The results of your search will appear under the filter bar. The sales that aren't finished and require some action on your part are accompanied by the message "Action required, see the details." You can check the details and the status of a sale by clicking on "Show details". This action will display the content of the sale, which will be similar to the one shown below:

Sale's Resume

The information shown can be grouped into four different blocks:

  • Sale summary ⇒ Information about the sale date and status, the number of items and related costs.
  • Shipping address ⇒ Buyer's shipping address, please make sure you have all the necessary information or contact the buyer (through messages) to request it.
  • Shipping method ⇒ Shipping method selected by the buyer. Please make sure to use the chosen method, since the amount paid by the buyer depends on the type of shipment chosen.
  • General information ⇒ Information about the sale status. In this section you will find the username of the buyer through which you can contact him if necessary.

At the bottom of the page you will have an action button, that may or may not be enabled depending on the status of the sale.

The buyer and the seller are notified of changes in the status of an order by email.

Possible states of a sale

Not sent

A sale reaches this status when the buyer has paid the order correctly. It is time for the seller to send the package using the chosen postal service. Once the package is sent, the seller should inform the buyer by clicking the button "Mark as sent". This action automatically generates an email to inform the buyer.

Order Not Sent


Once the seller has marked the order as sent, the order remains in this state until it is marked as:

  • Received ⇒ The buyer has received the package
  • Automatically received ⇒ 45 days have passed and the buyer has not taken any action.
  • Not received ⇒ The buyer has marked the purchase as not received
Order Sent


The buyer has received the package correctly, then you can see the evaluation that he has left you.

Order Received

Not Received

The package has not reached the buyer, you can use the message system to contact him. In case you used a certified shipping method, it is possible that the transport company will provide you with financial compensation.
In case the shipment was certified, the buyer can request a refund through PayPal. To facilitate any type of claim we recommend you contact the buyer as soon as possible.

Order Not Received

Pending - Multi-Currency Payment

The buyer has made a payment to your PayPal account, but you have set in your account a manual validation for payments in other currencies. You have to access your account and accept the payment. If after 30 days you didn’t accept the payment, the money will be automatically reimbursed to the buyer’s account.

Order Multi Currency

Pending - Seller Account is not Active

The buyer has made a payment to your PayPal account but your PayPal account isn’t active. You have to access your account and activate it in order to receive the payment. If after 30 days you don’t activate your account and accept the payment, the money will be automatically reimbursed to the buyer.

Order Pending Unilateral

Failed - Does not Accept the Currency

The seller has his PayPal account set in another currency and he doesn’t accept euros. We recommend that the seller set up his PayPal account to accept the payment in euros. Once he has done that, he should contact the buyer to let him know he accepts payments in euros and that the buyer can purchase the coins again.

Order Failed Multi Currency

Failed - Same Email Buyer and Seller

Your account and the buyer have the same PayPal email. Please check in your profile that you have set the address correctly. If so, please contact the buyer to see why he is using your PayPal account.

Order Failed Same Email Buyer and Seller

Received Automatically

45 days have passed since the seller sent the package and the buyer didn’t take any action, so the sale is marked as "automatically received". This system gives you the highest evaluation for all aspects.

Order Received Automatically

Not Received Automatically

It has been 10 days since the buyer made the payment and you have not sent the package, the buyer can begin the process of requesting the refund. Get in touch with him to try and recover the sale process.

Order Not Received Automatically


The payment of an order has been reimbursed. This refund could have been due to several causes:

  • You have not sent the package
  • The package has not reached the buyer and he had chosen a certified shipping method
  • The coins you sent aren’t the ones the buyer bought
Order Refunded


An order reaches this status if you had a pending multi-currency payment and you have declined the payment. If it was by mistake, we recommend that you set up your PayPal account in order to accept payments in other currencies and contact the buyer if you are still interested in making the purchase.

Order Denied


There was an error processing the order, please contact so that we can correct it as soon as possible.

Order Unknown

If you have any questions regarding your purchases or sales, please contact technical support at