2 Euro (250 Years of the national printing office) - Portugal



The new commemorative 2 Euros coin from Portugal is now available, dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the creation of the national printing office that ended up becoming the current Portuguese mint.

The coin commemorates the 250th anniversary of the creation of the Portuguese national printing press. Created on December 24, 1768, as Impressão Régia, it was designated Imprensa Nacional in 1883 and after several mergers it became what we know today as National Printing and gives Casa da Moeda (INCM), in short, the Casa de Moneda From Portugal.
The coin has a simple design in which the inscription “1768-2018 IMPRENSA NACIONAL DUZENTOS E CINQUENTA 250 ANOS PORTUGAL MMXVIII” is recreated, evoking the way in which the texts were initially entered into the printing presses

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