2 Euros (Festival Of Song And Dance) - Lithuania



New 2 Euro coin issued by Lithuania, festival of song and dance. The coin will be available to the public in this quarter.

The design represents the paper cutout figures we have all made in our childhood and which is one of the most characteristic genres of folk art in Lithuania. On the coin appear stylized figures of people and birds representing popular songs and dances, the main content of the Song and Dance Festival which is the reason commemorated. At the bottom of the coin appears the inscription of the issuing country "LIETUVA, while the year of issue 2018 is on the left side, and the mint mark of Lithuania on the right side.

More information about the coin in the next link: 2 Euros (Festival Of Song And Dance) - Lithuania

Are you planing of adding this piece to your collection? Hopefully the mintage will be enough to get one!