Can you help me?



China or Korea or Japan? I don’t know


Hello @jrealb, I’m going to move this topic to the #english:Identification-where-is-your-coin-comming-from.

@rcintas what do you think about these coins?


I would like know your krause number and what country are they with security. Only this.



Hello @jrealb,

The third coin looks like a Chinese coin from 1934:[]=&currencies[]=&countries[]=&compositions[]=&catalogsCodes[]=&issuesOn[]=684&latestIssues[]=&onlyForSale=false

Que opinas @mario sobre estas monedas, sabrías decir de dónde y cuándo son?


Yes, looks like but I think it is not the same coin, because the letters are different.


Maybe they are fantasy coins.


That’s what I would like to decipher with your help, whether they are coins or not. Thanks.


Guys, need your help too. I found that coins

and i wonder which county produced them?
I read an article about metal detecter that i have, and i found which metal it can find, but it didnt help


Hello @Field45, they are Russian coins


I can’t tell for sure but they seem fake…